I am a visual artist, living in Bordeaux, France. I work on paper, predominantly with ink and mineral pigments on Japanese Kozo, and I often combine various printing techniques with painting.  Whilst my choice of materials and part of my inspiration stem from Japanese aesthetics, my working process is spontaneous and accidental, allowing for chaos before I find a direction.

I’m drawn to the natural world and its textures, but it’s an essence I’m looking for, symbolic reference rather than representation, and the alchemy of the process – in all its stages – is as important to me as the result. Ultimately, it’s beauty that inspires me both artistically and intellectually, and I am the happiest when I manage to use this beauty as a juxtaposition to political and social issues that matter to me.

Some of my works on this site are for sale, please contact me if you are interested. Prices shown are for the unframed pieces, and don’t include shipping costs.

I am also very keen to discuss any form of cooperation.