Heimat/Fremde (Home/Foreign)

My fascination with maps and geography was the starting point for this series of twelve works questioning the concepts of nationality, home and belonging in the world by contradicting the beauty of geographical spaces with the ugly language used in Germany’s ongoing immigration debate. My mother tongue has this tendency to make those phrases even more dehumanising, and evokes, of course, the darker times of the country’s history. Being an immigrant myself, it’s an issue that’s very close to my heart.

The twelve pieces are meant to be shown together in the way you can see below, representing a circle of Earth formations.

All created in 2017. Ink and monotype on distressed, lightweight Kozo paper. Each piece is 64×24 cm. This project is looking for an exhibition opportunity.


Heimat:Fremde insta




Einwanderungsquote (Immigration quota)


Bleiberechtsverschaerfung (tightening the laws of residency)


Fluchtrouten (escape routes)
Abschiebung (deportation)

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