Why my friends cried

Apparently, how our tears look under the scrutiny of a microscope depends on the emotions that caused them. Pain will quite literally paint a different picture than sadness or joy.  In 2017 I asked friends to share the stories behind their latest tears, and allow me to interpret them. This is an ongoing project of so far 36 works.

They are A5 in size,  framed to A4, and mineral pigment and salt on distressed Kozo paper.

For this project I am looking for exhibition opportunities. Please get in touch if you are interested, or know of someone who might.


Tears 4
The frustration of feeling stupid.
Tears test2
Went to Pilates and the teacher played Adele.
Tears test 3
In sympathy.
Tears test
Twisted my hip, tore all the tissue in and around it.